An user makes log in you site.

The user can easily choose the data to share.

Your site receives the user’s verified data.

Megital is a digital service for companies that offers the opportunity to uniquely identify their users in a few simple steps.

Only real users

The identification process is done via mobile app and is based on an automated procedure, allowing the user to create a unique profile within a few minutes.

Privacy By Design

Megital puts the user’s privacy above all. With Megital a company could upgrade his data management system in compliance with the Regolamento UE 2016/679 (“GDPR”), valid form the 25 of May 2018.

Megital login!

Megital offers “single sign-on” service that allows users to log in, share data, perform specific actions and adhere to innovative services on your site.

Used Technologies

OAUTH 2.0: The services use the authentication protocol OAUTH 2.0.

API REST: The services are available with API REST, that you can obtain after a the creation of a company profile.

You can offer a new experience to your users

Megital lets you know that a real user has logged into your system. Choose how to customize the user experience on your site and increase the profitability of your company.